Sunday, April 01, 2007

Murzik Lick

Kitty Lick

Umphhhh Lick

Horsie-doggie lick

Melting Poing Lick

Buddy Lick

All ready to Lick!

Dog Kiss Lick

Dog Germs Lick

Wolf Lick

Salivating Lick

Wild Lick

Eternal love Lick

Refreshing Lick

Puppy love lick

Silly Lick

That sucks! Emmm... Licks!

Eager Lick

You think only cats and dogs lick themselves?

Set. Ready. GO!!!

IT Lick

Too many lick

Happy doggy lick

Horse Lick

Mini Lick

Sexy Lick

Mommy's Lick

Royal Lick


Stupid dogs... Licking is a serious process...

Ready? One, two, three, LICK!!!

Aaaahhh!!! I can lick my nostrils!

Don't try it at home!

I'm all ready to give you a quality lick!

Classic puplick

Thirsty cat licking faucet

Black dog licking

Ice cream lick

Licky Lab

Long preparation

Janelle and Erika lick ice cream off Will's abs


Uglies also want to lick!

Wanna be licked?

Yeah baby yeah!!!

Why the dog licks his balls?

Because he can!

Baby Lick

Moisture Lick

Self Lick

Freaking Lick

Britney Spears - Lick My Baby Back Behind

Thursday, March 30, 2006

The first pup lick

How's that for a rebublican? >:- )

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Start of Re-Pup-Lick

Are you going to lick your pup again? Or you are going to vote for the Republicans?

Place your photos of licking your pup or your pup licking you here! And you can do it again and again.

Or you can place your photos voting for Republicans or licking the voting booths! So use your imagination!